As we begin a new year and a new decade it is important to reflect on the ever changing market place we operate within. Ten years ago LED lighting was just emerging as the latest advancement in commercial lighting whilst smart controls and wireless systems were still on the drawing board. How times change.

As a company Taison have been in operation for over thirty five years and have always tried to anticipate the changes in market demands. We like to think that we have positioned ourselves appropriately to meet the ever changing demands that are placed up on us by our knowledgeable customers.

It is with great pleasure then, that I can announce that over the next three months Taison will undertake its boldest restructuring plan ever to meet the demands of the next decade. This plan has been devised to identify core areas that we feel the lighting industry is moving into and to enable us to focus on those demands to the best of our ability. To this end we have created a parent Company and will establish four new divisions over the next twelve months to focus on what we believe to be these key areas. These new divisions will be separate companies and are named Taison Contract Lighting, Taison Bespoke Lighting, Taison Energy Solutions and LED Online.

Taison Contract Lighting will provide technical solutions for specification project based contracts and will support a number of growing Partner organisations which are companies that are part of the Taison Group in their own right. Fluorel Ltd were the first to join us back in 2018 and we will be actively looking to add to the number of these partner organisations over the next two to three years.

Taison Bespoke Lighting , will take us back to our traditional roots and form a small niche company working with architects and specifiers to provide bespoke solutions for today's marketplace. This company will also specialise in product conversion solutions from lamps to LED.

Taison Energy Solutions will undertake lighting audits and create a proposals to supply new efficient lighting within clients existing energy budgets. We are looking at being able to offer rental and financed schemes as well as the more traditional capital purchase.

LED Online will be re-launched to supply cost effective commodity commercial lighting online.

There will be more information on the launch of each of these businesses as it happens. However, we have great pleasure in announcing that the first of these divisions to come on line is Taison Contract Lighting which was officially launched on 1st of January 2020.